What Are the 7 Colleges Under Dhaka University?

The University of Dhaka has seven affiliated colleges. These colleges are 7 Colleges Under Dhaka University:

  • Dhaka College
  • Kabi Nazrul Government College
  • Eden Women’s College
  • Begum Badrunnessa Government Women’s College
  • Government Shaheed Suhrawardy College
  • Government Bangla College
  • Government Titumir College

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Dhaka College

There is no doubt that Dhaka College is one of the seven schools that are connected to the University of Dhaka. It is one of the oldest schools in Bangladesh, having been founded in 1841. Higher secondary schooling (Higher Secondary Certificate) is available at the college.

You might find the following information useful if you want to learn more about the past of Dhaka College:

  • It was okay for Dhaka College to start the Honours Course in Management during the 1972–73 school year.
  • By the early 1890s, the college had an honours study in English.
  • Many famous people have graduated from the college, such as the writer Humayun Ahmed and the chess player Niaz Murshed.

Eden Mohila College Under Dhaka University

The college for women is called Eden Mohila College and is in Azimpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. It began in 1873 in the Farashganj neighbourhood of Dhaka. Ashley Eden was the Lieutenant Governor of Bengal in 1878, and the college was named after him.

The college moved to where it is now in 1963. As of February 16, 2017, it is linked to the University of Dhaka.

The college has both student and graduate programmes in the arts, social sciences, sciences, business studies, and other subjects.

The Faculty of Arts and Social Science, the Faculty of Science, and the Faculty of Business Studies are all part of the college.


What are the admission requirements for Dhaka University?

If you want to go to the University of Dhaka as an undergraduate, you must have passed the SSC or an exam similar to it from any school board between 2018 and 2021.Dhaka-University

Those who want to apply must pass the HSC or an exam that is equivalent in 2023 from any school board and the Bangladesh Open University. Those who have passed both the “A” level and the “O” level can also take the test.

The minimum total GPA required for each unit is as follows:

  • KA Unit: 8.50
  • KHA Unit: 8.00
  • GA Unit: 7.50
  • CHA Unit: 7.00

Also, students at the SSC or equivalent level must have a GPA of at least 3.50 and at least 3.00 at the HSC or equivalent level. Please keep in mind that this year’s admissions test will be given at the regional level for the first time. The admission test score will be made public at the end of each unit’s entrance test. Merit and waiting lists will be used to decide who gets in.

Admission Fee:

For the year 2024–25, the application fee for admission tests at Dhaka University is Tk. 1050, which includes a service charge and other costs. Cash, credit or debit cards, or bank transfers can all be used to pay.


How many faculties does Dhaka University have?

The University of Dhaka has 10 faculties under its A Unit. These faculties are:

  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Biology
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Faculty of Engineering and Technology
  • Institute of Statistical Research and Education
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Business Studies
  • Faculty of Social Sciences

Programmes offered by Dhaka University

Undergraduate, graduate, MPhil, and PhD students can choose from a lot of different academic courses at the University of Dhaka.

The university’s A Unit is made up of 10 faculties. These are the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Biology, the Faculty of Pharmacy, the Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences, the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, the Institute of Statistical Research and Education, the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Business Studies, and the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Professional classes in Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Science, IT, Hospitality Management, Human Resources Management, Marketing, and more are also available at the university.

Webometrics ranks universities worldwide based on their web presence. According to the website, the University of Dhaka is ranked #1 in Bangladesh

Engineering Colleges Under Dhaka University

When it comes to technical schools, the University of Dhaka does not offer them directly. However, the university has a technology unit that is connected to a number of engineering-focused colleges and organisations. These schools and colleges are:

  • Mymensingh Engineering College
  • Faridpur Engineering College
  • Barisal Engineering College
  • National Institute of Textile Engineering and Research (NITER)
  • Shyamli Textile Engineering College
  • K.M. Humayon Kabir Engineering College
  • Dhaka Engineering College

Nursing College Under Dhaka University

Several nursing colleges are connected to the University of Dhaka.

  • Government College of Nursing
  • Dhaka Nursing College
  • Mymensingh Nursing College
  • Barisal Nursing College
  • Rajshahi Nursing College
  • Chattagram Nursing College
  • Rangpur Nursing College
  • Sylhet Nursing College
  • Dinjapur Nursing College
  • Manikganj Nursing College
  • Shaheed Tajuddin Ahmad Nursing College


Is Dhaka Medical College Under Dhaka University?

The Dhaka Medical College and Hospital is a public hospital and medical school in Dhaka, which is the main city of Bangladesh. It has been around since 1946 and is connected to the University of Dhaka.